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.net  Software Development Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. C/S and B/S project development or secondary development;

2. Maintenance of software and background data;

3. Compilation of technical solutions and documents, and testing of software units; 

4. Cooperate with system analysts to complete demand investigation and analysis of software system and modules;

5. Complete the test of software system and modules;

6. Responsible for preparing technical documents related to the project;

7.WEB deployment and software packaging and release;

8. On-site implementation of the software.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree in computer software engineering or network technology;

2. Basic development language: C#;

3. Proficient in using SQL SERVER and other relational databases;

4. Experience in MVC development is preferred;

5. Able to accept short-term business trips;

6. Good professionalism and teamwork spirit, strong communication skills.