The 11th Disabled Games and the 8th Special Olympics gateball competition for the blind

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From October 22th to 28th, 2021, the Goalball competition of the 11th Paralympic Games and the 8th Special Olympic Games was held in the Chang'an District gymnasium of Xi'an Northwest University. Goalball competition is a group event. The length of the court is 19 meters and the width is 9 meters. There are two 9-meter-long goals on both sides, and three athletes from both sides. There are bells in the ball that make a sound. Blind athletes will wear two layers of eye masks (soft eye mask and eye shield) during the competition. He is completely invisible and needs to judge the balls direction by hearing. When the ball was thrown, they succeeded by holding it like a football goalkeeper.

In order to ensure the overall competition, our company has sent technical personnel to enter the venue in advance. Starting from the venue layout, the deployment of strong and weak electricity can ensure the normal operation of the timing and scoring system and score processing system, volunteer training and communication with referees, so as to make the competition more smoothly.