Fencing video playback

Because the confrontation is fierce and fast, the referee is prone to misjudgment. The video playback system can guarantee the fairness of the referee work, because every encounter of the athlete will be recorded. The FIFA can use the video data to correct the judgment result of the referee. In order to make the fencing competition more fair and just. In the international competition in 2007, FIFA officially launched the fencing arbitration video playback system. The video playback system independently developed by our company has been officially certified by the International Federation of Fencing and can be used in all FIFA competitions. The core component of this system is a set of automatic control software developed according to the FIFA rules. It can record the game pictures taken by high-speed cameras and transmit them to the arbitration display and the referee display. At the same time, the software can be based on The referee signal automatically stops recording, and the video data is played back and slowed automatically or manually. This video playback speed is slower and clearer than TV playback. According to the FIB regulations on the use of video playback systems, each athlete has the right to request two times to use the video to challenge the referee's penalty in the individual event; if the athlete is reasonable, in addition to the score, he can continue to use the video twice. right. In group competitions, each team has the right to request a video playback system in each round.